Big Business, Big Union, Small Town

One Hour Documentary

Weyburn, Saskatchewan is a nice little city, a great place to raise kids and play hockey. The city fought hard to secure a big store that draws in people from the surrounding towns - they have a Wal-Mart. But the community and the Wal-Mart workers now find themselves the focus of a battle between two titans.

Big Business, Big Union, Small Town looks at what the local Wal-Mart really means in a small town, and how being chosen as the battleground between two colossal institutions has affected the community and the workers. Division and a sense of foreboding tie in to a quiet little town that is waiting for a drama to unfold in its midst, only knowing it may lose its Wal-Mart - and that the fight is not about them.

Big Business, Big Union, Small Town is produced in association with Global Television, a division of CanWest MediaWorks Inc., the Canadian Television Fund, the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit. Developed with the participation of SaskFilm and Global Television.  

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