Nikola Tesla and the End of the World


Six Part Digital Series

Now Available for free in Canada on CBC GEM

and Amazon Prime Video in the US and the UK!

Two academics and a lost boyfriend use Nikola Tesla's multiverse device to travel through parallel Brooklyns and bring him home. If they can get him out of debt, and avoid an interdimensional death cult.


Dr. Sophie Clarke has found a long lost design for – something – by Nikola Tesla, the enigmatic turn-of-the-century inventor. When student Harriet Goldring helps Dr. Clarke test the device, Nikola Tesla suddenly appears.
Nikola Tesla has been lost in the multiverse, using his device to travel through multiple versions of earth, trying to find his way home. Unfortunately, he has inadvertently built up a huge debt to the agency that manages inter-dimensional travel. After he disappears Harriet is recruited by the Multiverse Unification Agency to help Nikola in a confusing and sketchy sales job between worlds.
When Harriet's boyfriend Alonso is drawn into the agency, Harriet must keep him from being vaporized, while an interdimensional death cult tries to vaporize everyone and everything in the 628.608 universes.

Nikola Tesla and the End of the World is produced by Zoot Pictures Inc. in association with CBC GEM, and with the participation of the Canadian Media Fund and the Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit. Produced with the participation of the Bell Fund.