Dino River of Death


One Hour Documentary

In a remote corner of northern Alberta there is a mystery that has been waiting almost a hundred million years to be solved. The wait is finally over.


In the middle Cretaceous period a raging wall of water swept over the land and carried a massive herd of dinosaurs to their deaths. Thousands of Pachyrhinosaurus, the dinosaur equivalent of a rhinoceros but as large as an elephant, were killed at the same time.  The result is a bone bed of incredible size and density, filled with clues and enigmas.


The fate of the Pachyrhinosaurus herd is a moment frozen in time, waiting for us to tease out the mystery of how it happened. How did they get there?  How much can we learn from directly comparing modern and prehistoric catastrophes? Large carnivores fed on the carcasses, but weren't trapped in the flood like smaller raptors were.  Why? Could Tyrannosaurs swim?


The Dino River of Death will bring the world's foremost palaeontologists, multiple experts and spectacular CGI recreations together to unravel a prehistoric mystery.

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