What would happen if you took a native Saskatchewan and sent him on a mission to discover the wonderful world of Asia and their obsession with chili peppers?

Chilli Hunter follows our host, Jody Peters, as he travels across Asia in search of the region's spiciest dishes. Jody has lived through frigid Canadian winters, curled up by the fire and sipping on hot cocoa, but he knows the best way to warm up is always a piping hot meal. What better way to make an unbelievably hot meal than with chilis?

He's on a quest to uncover the best and spiciest dishes that will warm his belly and even bring tears to his eyes. Adventures abound as he navigates through the hustle and bustle of Asia and meets an eclectic cast of characters that give these dishes that extra sizzle. It's a whole new world for him as he puts his spice tolerance to the ultimate test in what is arguably the most chili obsessed continent in the world.

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