Corner Gas

CORNER GAS™ Online is the GEMINI award-winning web site for Canada's number one comedy.
The groundbreaking web site incorporates a virtual town of DOG RIVER™, message boards, a weekly HOWLER™ newsletter and a variety of activities that help the online community collect DOG RIVER™ Dollars.
Users play games that link to the CORNER GAS™ program theme such as a Gas Pump game, Prairie Word Scramble, and Combine Racing, as well as sending video postcards and playing a weekly quiz. The DOG RIVER™  Dollars can be used to bid on actual props from the program at the DOG RIVER™ Auction.

The CORNER GAS™ web site has steadily grown in traffic each year, and is extremely "sticky" with an average user time on the site of eight minutes.

The CORNER GAS™ web site is produced by Zoot Pictures Inc.

CORNER GAS and COMIC GENIUS are trade-marks of Prairie Pants Productions Inc. used with permission. Prairie Pants Productions Inc. is not associated with the site in any other manner.

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